Interstate Removalist

Furniture Removalist Services Provide a Trustworthy Interstate Relocation Service, we are:-

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Melbourne
Interstate Removalists Sydney to Brisbane
Interstate Removalists Sydney to Canberra

We Also Provide A Backload Removalist Service, we are a:-

Backload Removalist Melbourne to Sydney
Backload Removalist Sydney to Melbourne
Backload Removalist Brisbane to Sydney
Backload Removalist Sydney to Canberra; and
A backload Removalists Canberra to Sydney

Interstate Removals with FRS

FRS is interstate removalists with frequent runs from Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane and Sydney to Canberra.

An interstate relocation is usually far more stressful than a neighborhood move. For businesses, it means a longer period of downtime and thus more loss of revenue and profit. For families, it creates additional stress caused by leaving family and friends.

We at FRS understand how challenging an interstate removal is and have streamlined our operations to make the move as easy as possible for you.

We also provide additional removalist services to further alleviate the burden and anxiety of an interstate move. These additional removalist services include packing and unpacking all your belongings for you. These services are worth every penny as it makes a massive difference in the time taken for the relocation and the weight that it removes from your shoulders.

For companies focused on their bottom line, they will discover that the cost of us packing and unpacking is far less than the loss of business that they would experience trying to do this tedious task themselves.

A further reason why we recommend that you engage our professional packers to pre-pack you goods is because they are going to be in transit for a much longer time than would occur in a local move. Thus there is greater potential for damage or breakage. This is far less likely to occur should our expert packers be responsible for ensuring that your goods are correctly packed.

Our packers are up-to-date on all the most effective packing techniques and materials and will use that knowledge and skill to safely and securely pack all your possessions from the cutlery and crockery through to valuable works of arts and treasured ornaments.

FRS has a reputation for being honest, trustworthy and reliable. Choose us for your next interstate relocation and you will be in capable hands. Not only are our staff qualified and experienced but our fleet of company owned removal trucks are kept in tip-top condition so there is no chance of a breakdown or engine failure.

As part of our interstate removal service (such as from Sydney to Brisbane), we also offer a storage solution should you require it. This service is provided for all interstate removals, Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to Canberra.

Interstate Removalists – Duration of Goods in Transit

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Melbourne – 24 to 48 hours

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Brisbane- 24 to 48 hours

Interstate Removalist Sydney to Canberra- 24 to 48 hours

Backload Removalist

Our backload removalist service provides you with the most cost-effective way of moving your goods. A backload removalist Melbourne to Sydney, for example, can actually save you up to 70% off the cost of a premium removal interstate service.

In order to take advantage of the backload removal service, you need to be flexible regarding when you wish your goods to be moved.

The backload removal service is provided at a significant saving as your goods will be placed in a removal van that has undertaken an interstate relocation to your current city or town. Rather than send our removal vans back to our depot in Sydney empty we offer to move your goods for you on the furniture van, but it has to co-inside with the time that the van is ready to return to the depot. In addition, the depot and your destination need to be Sydney or Canberra.

If you have a full household or business relocation needs, then you would be provided with a single removal van as part of the backloading service.

However, if you have only a few items, it may be that these are loaded on the removal van together with other furniture and possessions. Don’t worry we will know what belongs to whom, having many years experience in successfully fulfilling this backloading service.

A backload removal service is easier than you may think. Firstly you can contact us well before your removal date and if and when we have an interstate removal that co-insides with your date(s) we will inform you. Otherwise, you can just ‘try your luck’ and request a backloading service on the date(s) you are moving and find out if that service is available for you.

Contact Us FRS for Interstate and Backloading Removalists

If you are looking for Interstate removalists Sydney to Melbourne, to Brisbane or to Canberra you are guaranteed to have peace of mind by engaging FRS for your interstate relocation.

If you are looking for significant savings on your interstate relocation then FRS provides a great opportunity for you as we have weekly runs on our major routes meaning a good supply of backloading removal services.

Whether you want our backloading removal service or just simply an interstate removalist service you can contact us on Mobile: 1300 400 177 or Telephone: 0295548430 or email us at and you can be assured that we will take care of both you and all your possessions.

Furniture Removalist Services – Experts in Interstate Relocations and Backloading Removals


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